Who you are. Where you want to be. Would you have done things differently?

After two decades of fulfilling commercial briefs and happily meeting client expectations day to day, Nolan conceived and made the commitment to work on a new and personal series of work - The 15 Year Old you.

The 15 Year Old You features interesting people in a series of pictures and words, exploring where they are now, who they want to become and what they may have done differently if given the opportunity.

A simple concept - a single image and a conversation - with a vision to explore people's perception on their lives and look for parallels between us all regardless of profession, location or personal situation.

The project was launched on June 3rd 2015 and is updated weekly, so be sure and subscribe to the site and follow the developments via the following links: FACEBOOK  :  INSTAGRAM  :  WEBSITE

“If they’re willing to say it, see if they’re willing to write it on paper; because if you don’t have the paper, you’re done” 

Liberty DeVitto : Rock Drummer : Brooklyn, USA

“Be less academically focussed and more open to spend the energy proving that you’re smart, cultivating your creativity” 

Amy Lehpamer : Performer : Melbourne, Australia

“Relax; it’s all going to be okay” 

Giles Russell : Cafe owner (Two Hands) : New York, USA

Your validation should come from the process, not the title you have

Charlie Lim : Singer/Songwriter : Singapore, Singapore

Full stories can be found via this link.

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